Boomerang® Referal System

We will pay you for a successful referal

Cash in hand for Word of mouth

* Conditions apply

Print Your BOOMERANG® card now

Don’t rely on the lottery. Create your “wealth” by referring customers to us.

You will be helping your family / friends and rewarded financially.

We offer a new and unique technique (Australian patent # 757524) that complements all existing methods of selling. BOOMERANG® increases the level of enquiries and public awareness by using the ancient tradition of Word-of Mouth.

Basically, BOOMERANG® cards are distributed ONE-BY-ONE to the commercial district of the target area, and also mailed to a targeted list of known Developers and Investors. This encourages hundreds of representatives to promote the subject property For Sale and allows us to legally pay for their word-of-mouth.

The Mechanics of Our Boomerang® System

The Boomerang® is a Tangible item which you can legally sell back to us if your referral is successful. Our current media for the Boomerang® distribution is in the form of a promotional flier or business card.

The Process

a) Register with us for your unique “referral” number
b) Check our listed properties
c) Refer either a buyer or seller to us
d) Following settlement of your referred client, we will buy back our Boomerang® card

You’re probably wondering how much we will pay you for the card?
The amount is substantial and it is related to the volume of the sale, which you’ve referred to us. For more information please call our office 9369 22 66.
* Conditions apply
Vendor - Maximum exposure
Purchaser - The ‘property’ will find him/her
Agent - Commissions earned
Boomerang® holder - Cash for word-of-mouth
- Assist your friend, relative or stranger

This system is not just limited to Real Estate, and can also be adopted in other industries. If you have a business that would like to adopt this system please call our office to discuss further.


BOOMERANG® cards were created and tested in different areas of Sydney and with different marketing campaigns. They always show excellent results.

The BOOMERANG® method does not have geographical boundaries.

Method to encourage referrals
Australian Patent No 757524

The invention was developed preliminary for use in relation to the sale of Real Estate. However, it is not limited to this field.

In general, the real estate market relies heavily on the direct and indirect promotion of properties for sale. Although mailing and printed media campaigns, which are conducted on a geographically basis, can be successful, potential purchasers of property within a certain geographical area may not be exposed to such campaigns unless they live within the campaign’s specific target area.

For this reason, word-of-mouth advertising can play a useful supplementary role, which is provided by more direct advertising mechanisms. Unfortunately, however, word-of-mouth advertising relies upon the attention and goodwill of friends, family etc. Frequently, it is difficult to encourage those people, who receive direct promotional material to pass relevant information on to others who are interested in purchasing a relevant property (e.g. within the area).

Moreover, in the event that a person, who does not wish to purchase the relevant property, receives direct promotional material there is no incentive for this person to retain the material on the off chance that he or she may become aware of another person that might wish to purchase the property. Accordingly, the material is usually discarded.

It is an objective of the present invention to overcome certain problems involved in promoting products for sale or sales agents for such, or to provide a useful alternative approach. The method of the present invention provides sales agents in particular with a tool for increasing the likelihood of sales arising from word-of-mouth promotion. For this reason, the present invention, especially in the preferred form as applied to real estate sales, provides an improved and alternate commercial technique to the prior art of promotional systems.

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Terms and Conditions - BOOMERANG®

The Boomerang® Card (Boomerang) referral process is operated by Boomerang Media under licence to Levi's Property Shop (LPS) in New South Wales.

By participating in the Boomerang® referral process, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. LPS may from time to time amend, update, or change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Information on how to register and sell your Boomerang® form part of these terms and conditions.

How the Boomerang® referral process works

1 The Boomerang® referral process is a means of advertising properties that are or may be for sale in Australia by encouraging people to utilise their social networks.

2 LPS may, in its absolute discretion, re-purchase your Boomerang® Card from you for the fee specified by LPS, if:

When you advise LPS of persons interested in buying a property:

2.1 you are an Eligible Person; and

2.2 you register your Boomerang® with LPS prior to the proposed purchaser contacting LPS; and

2.3 a person you have advised LPS may be interested in purchasing a property purchases that property through LPS; and

2.4 the purchaser advises LPS in writing that you are the Boomerang® Card referrer.

When you advise LPS of a person selling a property:

2.5 you are an Eligible Person; and

2.6 you register your Boomerang® Card with LPS prior to the proposed seller contacting LPS; and

2.7 the property which you have advised us is for sale is sold by LPS on behalf of that seller; and

2.8 that seller advises LPS in writing that you are the Boomerang® referrer.

Who is an Eligible Person?

3 An Eligible Person:

3.1 is, at the time of registering with, an Australian resident who is 18 years of age or over;

3.2 is the holder of a valid registered Boomerang®;

3.3 is not the seller or buyer of the specified property sold by LPS, or part of their immediate family;

3.4 will advise LPS of buyers and/or sellers of property (as above) and will not, under any circumstances, act as a sales or other agent or engage on behalf of any person, including LPS, in any negotiations for the sale or purchase of property, nor induce any persons to buy or sell property in Australia; and

3.5 will comply with these terms and conditions.

How to register your Boomerang®

3.6 To register your Boomerang® Card you must send a photocopy of the completed Boomerang® (containing the required personal information) to LPS via facsimile 02 9369.2267 or by post (PO Box 87, Brighton Le Sands, NSW, 2216).

3.7 LPS must receive your completed Boomerang® BEFORE your nominated party contacts LPS regarding the particular property.

Purchasing your Boomerang® Card

4 You must retain the original Boomerang® so that LPS can, if in its absolute discretion it elects to do so, purchase that Boomerang® from you.

5 Upon sale of the specified property, LPS will contact the holder of the registered Boomerang.

6 If LPS purchases your Boomerang®, it will do so:

6.1 only when there has been a completed sale of the specified property;

6.2 all terms and conditions are met.

7 In the event LPS elects to purchase the Boomerang® Card from you, purchase of the Boomerang® will be:

7.1 by way of cheque (in Australian dollars) payable to the Eligible Person;

7.2 within 28 days of settlement of the specified property.

Intellectual Property rights

8 The Boomerang® referral process is the subject of a registered Australian patent (no. 757524). Boomerang® is a registered Australian trade mark. The Boomerang® is an original copyright work.

9 All intellectual property in the Boomerang® referral process is the property of Boomerang Media, or related entities.

10 The use of any aspect of the Boomerang® referral process or the trade mark Boomerang®, except as provided in these terms and conditions, without the written permission of the owner is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved.


11 It is your responsibility to ensure that all details on the Boomerang®, including postal and contact details, are correct at the time of registering and settlement of the specified property. No responsibility will be taken for out of date or inaccurate contact details.

12 LPS and all associated entities and persons will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) in connection with the Boomerang® referral process, or any payment for a Boomerang® , except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

13 LPS is not responsible for any problems, delays or technical malfunctions as a result of any third party, including but not limited to postal delivery, telephone networks or lines, computer on line systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any web site, or any combination thereof.

14 No responsibility is accepted for late, lost or misdirected Boomerang® Cards or incorrect or inaccurate information, howsoever caused, which may occur in the course of the administration of the Boomerang® referral process

15 These terms and conditions are governed by NSW law. All purchased Boomerang® Cards become the property of LPS. Subject to all relevant privacy laws, your details will be entered into a database and LPS may use your name and address for future promotional, marketing and/or publicity purposes for LPS unless otherwise advised by you.

16 LPS's decision as to whether to purchase the Boomerang® from you or not is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Privacy Statement

17 If you do not provide the required personal information, you will not be able to participate in the Boomerang® referral process.

18 The personal information that you provide to LPS will be used by LPS to conduct the Boomerang® referral process and to send you information about LPS's products and services (by any means, including but not limited to, email). LPS may also disclose the Information to related bodies corporate of LPS, so they can provide you with information about the products and services they offer.

19 Please contact LPS on 9369.2266 or go to our website if you would like further information on the Boomerang® referral process or to access or correct or exclude from the records the information that LPS holds about you. LPS will generally provide you with access to your information if practicable (although a fee may be imposed).